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The Build

These are the materials and processes we typically follow, every build is unique and we will choose the best products to meet your needs!

tiny house trailer


We offer a flexible range of trailer configurations to suit the client's circumstances and the nature of the build. Live Tiny exclusively uses DCF detachable galvanised tiny house trailers. They are extremely strong, lightweight and custom-built to suit your tiny home. We recommend a registered and warranted trailer with brakes and suspension.


Our custom welded steel subfloor panels include integrated jacking and lifting points. Usually, we lay a 19mm H3 structural grade plywood subflooring to be later overlayed with a flooring substrate of your choice. We also offer stunning hardwood flooring options if you are looking to take your build to the next level.

tiny house flooring
tiny house framing


Live Tiny exclusively use NZ made steel framing. Cold rolled steel framing is extremely strong, straight, and accurate. Being around 1/3 the weight of timber framing, steel framing is the only choice for THOW (Tiny house on wheels). All framing steel is NZ made and has a 50-year durability warranty from the manufacturer AXXIS. We also offer an upgrade to have the framing structure PS1 certified by a qualified engineer.


The subfloor is insulated with Expol R1.4 or R1.8 underfloor insulation. Within the walls, we use Earthwool R2.2, a product made from recycled glass. In the ceiling we use a specialized European made BRANZ appraised insulation panel allowing a building code compliant R3.15 in the small roof cavity of a tiny home, whilst retaining the insulation air gap between the roofing. 

tiny house builders
live tiny

Wrap and cavity battens

The framing is wrapped in a breathable but water-resistant building wrap. Windows and other openings are sealed with window flashing tape. Our homes are built with a 20mm air cavity to allow the building to breathe, we use Cavibat R which also acts as a thermal break to the steel framing.

Windows and doors

Locally sourced double glazed, powder-coated joinery is used in our builds.  The joinery can be produced a full range of colours. Upgrades to thermally broken joinery and low E glass are also available

tiny house builders
quality tiny homes


Our cladding options include a combination of natural timber, ColourSteel, or insulated vinyl cladding. Adding timber walls or feature panels gives the home warmth and aesthetic appeal.


All homes come with an electrical code of compliance from a registered electrician. Our solar ready homes are powered via a 32amp caravan style plug, this can be connected to a solar or mains system. We use PDL Iconic user customizable switchgear, with a generous and well thought out placement of PowerPoints. We take lighting seriously, using a combination of feature task and ambient lighting to take your homes to the next level, all light fittings are LED and energy efficient.

best tiny house design
live tiny


Our homes include a plumbing and gas code of compliance. Water is supplied to the tiny home via a simple connection point outside. During the planning stage, we can include plumbing requirements for outdoor baths/showers setups or garden taps. The grey water comes out of a common outlet alongside the other services. Homes can also be configured for either flushing or composting toilet systems.


Using gas for hot water heating and cooking is a great way to save space, weight, and electricity. Our preference is to install a Rinnai Infinity unit which provides unlimited and instant hot water.

Interior lining

Conventional gib plasterboard linings aren’t suitable for use in a tiny home as it is heavy and will crack as the building moves during transportation. We use a variety of plywood panels and lightweight timber for lining the walls and ceilings. A common preference for walls lining is a structural grooved plywood product, which provides a seamless, clean and contemporary finish. Ceiling options include negative detail plywood, natural timber sarking and more. We work with a wide range of plywood species, including birch, oak, and pine.

negative detail plywood
tiny house lounge

Interior fit out

The integration of custom-made furniture is the absolute best way to optimize the space, layout and storage of a tiny home. At Live Tiny, we custom design and build features throughout the home. From storage stairs, intergrated shelving units, wardrobes and ventilated bed bases.


We love using the natural warmth and beauty of feature timbers to give our homes a touch of luxury and sophistication. From Oak balustrades, benchtops and stair treads to Tasmanian Blackwood flooring and barn doors.


A thoughtfully designed, beautiful kitchen is a highlight of a tiny home.

Live Tiny can produce in-house custom designed and precision CNC cut high pressure laminate plywood kitchens to perfectly optimize the kitchen to your tiny home. We specialize in creating big kitchens on a small footprint using innovative storage hardware. Our signature kickboard drawers provide great usable storage in a normally wasted space. We use high-end hardware, including blind corner pull out units, soft closing drawers, and doors. A range of full-size appliances are available to suit your needs; dish drawers, integrated extraction and gas hobs are among client favourites. There is a range of customizable options, including handmade hardwood timber benchtops

tiny house kitchen
tiny house bathroom


Our bathrooms feature full size showers with extraction units and shower-domes available. We can produce custom vanities and bathroom storage options. The homes can be configured for a range of toilet options including flushing and composting options, often allowing the flexibility for both options. We recommend BambooLoo toilets as a simple and effective composting toilet option, but a huge range of options are available depending on your preferences.

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